Casello lead the industry in the Commercial Carpentry and Cladding sector by employing one of the largest groups of experienced, professional Carpenters and Cladders in Victoria backed by a highly skilled Administration and Management Team

Through this expertise, we are able to liaise with Owners Corporation Managers to assist them with understanding the full process of what’s required with regard to Re – Cladding Victoria.

We can offer you a complete Project Management service that manages the full process in conjunction with Cladding Safety Victoria’s liaison officer for each individual project.  

Our expertise includes but is not limited to the following tasks:

  • Prepare a cladding assessment and attend to testing;
  • Appointment of consultants – Building Surveyor / Fire Engineer / Structural Engineer;
  • Consultation and advice on recommended rectification, including discussion on replacement material options;
  • 2D/3D AutoCAD design drawings for Owners / Owners Corporation review and endorsement in conjunction with Building Surveyor;
  • Detailed pricing and removal/methodology breakdown;
  • Non-compliant product removal;
  • Waste recycling/disposal;
  • Re-battening or straightening structure including installation of appropriate thermal and acoustic sisalation/insulation;
  • Off-site CNC manufacture of new compliant panels;
  • On-site installation of new complaint panels including waterproofing elements where required. Silicone, membranes etc;
  • Final owner defect review and rectification;
  • Warranty signoff from relevant Building Surveyor.

All works by Casello Pty Ltd – Established 1998.

Largest Commercial Cladding Contractor in Victoria - Registered Commercial Builders.


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