We offer a complete specialist design development, manufacture and fixing service; ranging from your standard timber cladding systems through to high end architectural cladding systems. Our service extends to include aluminium composite and other metal cladding, cement sheet cladding, kingspan, quick n tuff, etc.

Working with our established supply chain, we are pleased to offer the following work packages:

  • Engineered structural aluminium and steel support systems
  • 6mm, 9mm and 12mm compressed fibre cement sheet cladding with expressed joints
  • Pre finished compressed fibre cement sheet cladding
  • Aluminium composite and other metal sheet cladding
  • Wood panelling/cladding
  • Plywood panelling
  • Kingspan (insulated panels)
  • Quick n Tuff (lightweight masonry panels)

We are constantly asked if we are able to provide certain tasks that are not listed above and we are happy to be of assistance with works that compliment what we already do.